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  • Cobb Pinot Noir Diane Cobb: Coastlands Vineyard 2008 -- 1500ml


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    Cobb Pinot Noir Diane Cobb: Coastlands Vineyard 2008

    • Tasting Notes

      Ross Cobb’s winemaker notes: "Aromas and flavors of lavender, white pepper, raspberry, cherry plum, orange peel, cola and minerals. A long, rich finish with full mouth-feel and broad tannins."

    • The Vineyard

      When Coastlands was first being planted in 1989, very few varieties of the Pinot Noir grape were available commercially; fewer still tried under our conditions on the edge of the continent. Working with the University of California at Davis, Diane Cobb established a University licensed nursery block at Coastlands that contained over 20 relatively unknown Pinot Noir varieties. In 1996 Diane doubled the block with a single Pinot Noir variety from her nursery that she thought was both especially flavorful and well-suited for our coastal climate. The commemorative “Diane Cobb” designate wine from these vines is a lovely, complex, and thoroughly unique Pinot Noir.

    • Accolades

      Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar. Josh Raynolds. "Bright ruby. Compelling aromas of red berry preserves, smoky minerality, cocoa powder and white pepper, with a sexy note of incense in the background. Dense but tightly coiled, with zesty acidity giving shape and grip to the raspberry, rose and spicecake flavors. A wine of noteworthy finesse as well as power, finishing with excellent cut. This 1.5 acre vineyard is planted to 22 different clones, all on their own roots. " 93 Points

      The Tasting Panel
      March 2012
      Anthony Dias Blue
      2008 Diane Cobb: Coastlands Vineyard Pinot Noir
      "Silky and juicy with pure cherry and raspberry fruit; racy, elegant and tangy; balanced, long and bracing with style and graceful qualities." 93 Points; Outstanding

      1 Wine Dude
      December 20, 2011
      Joe Roberts
      “Top 10 Most Interesting Wines of 2011”
      “It’s with great pleasure (and after a sh*tload of hard work, not to mention wine tastings) that I reveal the 2011 version of’s Most Interesting Wines of The Year! The ‘competition’ (such as it is, though it really isn’t such) was once again fierce, due to the volume of wines I tried in 2011 (up again from 2010 – considerably) and in the high level of quality of many of the wines to which I had the good fortune of being exposed through hundreds of samples, dozens of visits, blah-blah-blah.

      The average price tag of the wines in this year’s list is once again on the high side (around $69), but there’s a price to be paid in creating a product that stirs the emotions, I suppose – the good news is that while several *very* expensive bottles are on the list, some of the best can be had for a relatively reasonable $35-$40 per bottle.

      For those of you who are new to all of this and at this point are wondering what the hell I’m raving on about: I compile this list annually. It is NOT intended to be a ‘best of’ or ‘highest rating’ or ‘circle jerk’ list (no matter what the PR folks do with it!). It is intended to be a list of arbitrarily-chosen wines that stood out, to me, as being particularly interesting for any number of reasons, not least of which are quality and complexity, and to call attention to those wines that I found most compelling this year – wines that make me want to tackle the mountain of samples in my basement in search of another that might be somewhat like it. Actually, isn’t that how most non-chemical addictions start? Ah, whatever…These are not wines released in 2011 (though I try to favor recent releases so that you have a chance of actually trying the wines in this list), they are wines that I tasted in 2011. Not all the wines I tasted in 2011 qualified – the wines have to be at least somewhat available so that you have a shot at trying them.

      Also, the list of finalists included some wines tasted in late December 2010 (since this list is compiled in its final form in mid-December). This is, by far, the most difficult content for me to compile each year. No pressure, but if you don’t enjoy it then bah-humbug, you can go sit on an inappropriate wine-stopper. As in previous years, you will find some surprises in this list. I invite you to react, comment, and have fun, so long as you agree to take it for what it really is: a celebration of wine’s pleasure and subjectivity. Enjoy!

      2008 Diane Cobb: Coastlands Vineyard Pinot Noir

      Why it made the list: Winemaker Ross Cobb seems to have worked for everybody making great Pinot in the Sonoma Coast region – this wine shows he was paying gnat’s-ass-level detailed attention to all of it.

      Winemaker Ross Cobb seems to know just about everybody in the Sonoma Coast area wine scene, probably because he’s worked for or with just about everybody in the Sonoma Coast area wine scene. His youthful appearance belies the accumulation of all of that wine knowledge and experience, w

    • Technical Notes

      160 cases produced.
      17 months in barrel.
      40% new French oak.
      13.7% alcohol.

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