• [Cobb Wines] are among the most distinctive artisan wines being made in California today.

    Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media - April 2018

  • Ross Cobb of Cobb Wines makes excellent pinot noirs that are delightful lightly chilled, particularly those from the Emmaline and Coastlands vineyards.

    New York Times

  • Maximum Flavor, Minimum Alcohol

    Cobb’s Pinots are a model of restraint and poise, generally around 13% in alcohol. What the likes of Kutch and Cobb are doing is demonstrating that even in the coolest coastal vineyards, it is possible to make Pinots of remarkable finesse and staying power. These producers are upending the long-held assumption that California is simply too warm to make world-class Pinot.

    — Stephen Brook, Decanter

  • The Rock Stars of Pinot Noir

    Sonoma wineries producing great Pinots include... Cobb Wines.

    — Jay McInerney, Wall Street Journal

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